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The most sophisticated breakthrough in electronic glasses that let the legally blind actually see

eSight 3 sets the gold standard for the most
sophisticated low vision glasses of its kind anywhere in the world, enabling the legally blind to actually see, be mobile and independently carry out virtually all Activities of Daily Living.

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The Experience Of Our Users

eSight has dramatically improved my educational experience. I passed my first semester of College with a 3.1 GPA, and without eSight, I have no idea how I would have done it. With eSight, I can not only see the board better, but I can actually use the device’s camera to take pictures of it!
After losing my driver’s license in
2013, I knew I needed assistance with my low vision: that’s when I discovered eSight. I cannot tell you how significantly eSight has changed my life. It has allowed me to be better in every area of my life and has brought so much joy!
Prior to eSight, I had always been told
there was no cure for my condition. And with eSight, my life forever
changed. One of the most breathtaking scenes ever took place the night when I was able to actually see the moon and what was inside of it! I am beyond lucky to have eSight!

How this breakthrough came to life

The reason eSight is the most sophisticated technological breakthrough for the legally blind is because it started with a totally different set of questions that our founder, Conrad Lewis, wanted to answer. Lewis, a successful engineer, has two sisters who are legally blind. He wanted to know if he could apply his engineering skills to create a solution for the blindness his sisters suffer with.

To build a solution that mimics, as closely as possible, how sighted people see, this would require the eSight engineers to develop a technological breakthrough that is hands-free, provides instant sight, enables mobility, and is versatile.
  • Hands-Free
    A comfortable, wearable and handsfree device,
    allowing legally blind individuals to use both of their hands while they use eSight to see
  • Provides Instant Sight
    Instantaneously auto-focus between short-range vision (reading a text message) to mid-range vision (seeing faces in a room) to long-range vision (looking down a hallway), without any appreciable lag time
  • Enables Mobility
    Let a legally blind individual use the
    technology not just to see while sitting down but, be independently mobile, from walking, to exercising, to commuting and travelling
  • Versatility
    Be a complete and all-in-one solution that can replace all the many single-task assistive devices that are currently available but that do not provide actual sight

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