Our Core Belief Is That Everyone Deserves
To See

We fundamentally believe that everyone who needs eSight should be able to get it, regardless of their ability to pay.
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When we say Everyone Deserves To See, we really mean it.

Our guiding principle is that Everyone Deserves to See. We recognize that not everyone can
afford eSight. That is why we’re active in helping legally blind individuals who need eSight get eSight, regardless of their ability to pay. eSight Vision Advocates can often help users to identify public and private sector sources of funding if there is a shortfall that you cannot afford to pay.

How You Can Get Involved In The Mission

We dream about the day when society will provide this incredible solution to all legally blind individuals who could use it, regardless of their ability to pay. We are getting closer and closer everyday, but there is so much that can be done. Who else can help?
  • Low vision friends, family and acquaintances
    Low vision friends, family and acquaintances, who you could tell about eSight. Simply informing your loved ones could lead them seeing
  • Schools, universities and other
    educational institutions
    These groups currently spend money to accommodate visually impaired students, faculty and staff. Over time, eSight is far less expensive and, at the same time, help the legally blind to actually see
  • Ophthalmologists or opticians
    Who might be interested in referring low vision patients or dispensing eSight to its patients
  • Private sector employers
    Who would be willing to hire a visually impaired individual; eSight allows a low vision individual to do virtually any job a sighted person can do and, with eSight, would not require the same costly assistance or combination of devices
  • Traditional media and online influencers
    Who want to help us amplify the powerful story of eSight and who could help us spread the word and support eSight.
  • Charities, foundations, philanthropists
    and high-net-worth individuals
    Who might be interested in making a donation to enable visually impaired people to see with eSight. Celebrities, artists, and actors who could help
    us spread the word and support eSight
  • Places of worship, service clubs and student associations
    Who are looking for impactful opportunities to make a difference in the world with causes such as eSight. Rehabilitation organizations that may find eSight to be an effective solution for saving thousands of dollars while also empowering their clients with more effective and sustainable solutions
  • Public organizations and government agencies
    With eSight, your employees or citizens can contribute fully to society, whether it’s working and paying taxes, giving back time and money to charity, or no-longer needing routine assistive paymentsInsurance companies: settlements for blindness can be costly; eSight is relatively inexpensive for what will translate into an empowered life of vision and independence

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